April 10, 2019

Why is SEO Very Important?

The techniques and functions of using internet are not so common to many of us which results in inefficient performances. The reason why many of the internet users succumb to the scams and traps in the internet, are also because of the negligence about the functioning of internet Medias. The SEO is the basic process by which one person gets the results of his or her search in the internet. The collection of data from the website where the actual content is present to transfer it to the users website is the sum total of see. It seems to be a small process which takes only some fractions of second. But the actual stages in the Search Engine Optimization are long and complicated. The search engines have to perform well with the use of different factors as well as components so as to make the performance fruitful.


It is a widely accepted fact that the traffic is being sourced largely from the search options in the internet. Many studies show that most of the people from different parts of the world Google are the most frequently used web traffic. To be more specific sixty per cent of the traffic on the internet begins with a search in the Google. When the rates of traffic from the other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube are amalgamated it is clear from the studies that the most commonly used traffic is around seventy percent and it is the search engines.

Here arises the importance of Search Engine Optimization which has to be clearly analyzed by the website dealers and developers. Let us take an example for the working of SEO Shark for a particular keyword. If a person runs an event management company in a particular area, be it America. Suppose Google studies show that there are one laky and ten thousand people searching about event Management Company in America every single month. Now, when the first result is considered, if it gets twenty per cent of all clicks, then that website is shown up at the top.

To be clearer, twenty two thousand visitors have to click the first one in the list when the search result is there. So an average advertiser on Google get one dollar for one click which is around twenty two thousand dollars per month. The Search Engine Optimization of each keyword is different and also the search engine value is different. It is very important to be noted that the for price quotes of auto insurance the advertisers are paying around forty five dollar per click. There is aloe such higher values in the industries like real estate. However the different types of page results have to be considered while making the rates per click.

The SEO is very important in the internet traffic since the studies show that most frequently made traffic in the recent days are Google and other search engines. The payment for the advertisers per click on their website is also an attractive feature of SEO.

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