May 9, 2019

Unknown Facts About Arboriculture and Arborist Report

Arboriculture deals with the study, cultivation, and management of trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. An Arborist is a person who deals with the cultivation, management and also studies the trees, shrubs and other woody plants. They mainly deal with the growth and health of individual trees instead of complete forests. Arborists have the certification that varies from country to country. In the cities, the life of a tree is very disturbing because of both manmade reasons and natural reasons. Therefore an arborist is required to take care of individual trees. For this, an arborist is required to have a deep knowledge of different species of plants and trees.

What is an Arborist Report?

It is a report that gives information about the condition of the tree, and damages were done to it, pest or disease situation and any kind of injury sustained conditions of the place where the tree stands. It also provides with the recommendations to improve the condition of the tree (if possible), such as pest control, fertilizers spray, the solution to on-site problems, and whether cutting the tree is required or not.

List of necessary documents to gain permission for cutting plants

This document is often required by the authorities before giving permission to cut down the tree. This condition varies from location to location depending on the authorities and other conditions. These reports are required to find the conditions of a particular tree in a certain location, the problems concerning the tree or the problems that are causing harm to it, and the possible solutions (recommendations) to rectify the problem. It is required to locate the trees which can be cut down without much effect to the surrounding environment, also keeping in mind the public safety and beauty of the locality. These reports are prepared and maintained by the professionals and experts in the field of arboriculture. This report contains the information about the arborist preparing it, information about the tree (such as its dimensions, infestations, root system, branching structure, its health, needs of the tree, wounds, its pictures etc.), onsite development activities whether started or yet to be started, recommendation for corrections required, date and time of the most recent assessment, property owner discussions ‘, potential targets if the tree fell, recommendation made to property owner. It has the most recent findings regarding the tree such as the height of the tree, disease (if any), its distance from potential targets to decide whether it is a nuisance or hazardous, or is it viable. Arborists assess the risk of tree failure; its impact on the nearby construction and other developmental projects is the tree worth saving. Arborists provide all the required technical information for making a decision about a tree.

Final word

A report is required if there is a proposal for cutting down a heritage tree or a tree that has some significance in some of the other ways, owing to its disease, or potential hazard. It also has the necessary measures for its protection when there is some development on site that encroaches within the tree drip line. It contains all the information required to make a decision regarding the future of the tree.

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