November 13, 2019

The Benefit of Professional Assistance When Negotiating Aged Care Financial Planning

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Clients stand to benefit from engaging professional services who help people manage their aged care financial planning.

Rather than venturing down this unknown path alone, they have the experience and grounding to assist in a range of fields.


Identifying Which Parties Should Be Advising The Client

Unless explicit consent has been given for a party to help decide on key decisions for the client, then the professional aged care advisor won’t be in a position to have them at the table. Deliberating on aged care care financial planning is a very personal decision that encompasses a series of different financial elements and it is common practice to only have a spouse, next of kin or close family member involved in these intimate discussions. Establishing these strict parameters is part and parcel of what these specialists provide as a service to community members.


Establishing Which Programs Can Be Leveraged

Constituents who are fearful about aged care financial planning all out of their own pocket directly can rest easy. There are programs and packages at their disposal which can put more options on the table and alleviate those short-term cost pressures that place a strain on retirees. This can include the Commonwealth Home Support Programme following a financial assessment or a Home Care Package for recipients who ultimately decide that they are better served receiving assistance on their own premises. These experienced operators will be able to gauge which citizens are eligible for certain programs depending on their profile and application criteria.


Addressing Debts & Risks Directly

If there is an outstanding mortgage, loans, repayments and debts that have yet to be covered, they cannot be overlooked when working to manage aged care financial planning. These professional team members will work to design a package that can offset these concerns to cover the costs, all the while trying not to compromise on the quality of care for the recipient. There are no guarantees in this realm depending on the size and nature of the debt, but they will be able to identify smart strategies should they present themselves.


Calculating Unavoidable Costs

There will be certain aged care financial planning that are simply unavoidable for a retiree who is making a transition towards a facility. Depending on the level of care they demand and what they would like to preference to uphold their quality of living standards, there are various schemes that will be calculated into a single program. That will feature means and income testing as well as a basic daily fee and accommodation fee that will provide all of the essentials.


Having an Experienced Sounding Board For Aged Care Issues

Hiring professional assistance when organising aged care financial planning is beneficial on a personal level. When there is an issue lodging an application, there is a detail that is too ambiguous, there is a price that seems too high or a process that is too convoluted to operate – they are present and available as an experienced sounding board. They have run through each case study for their client as they will provide calm and assured counsel. That is peace of mind for clients that want to feel at ease.


Connecting The Client to Additional Services

A professional advisor who operates with aged care financial planning will have the right connections in place should they require their services. Their central focus will be to provide aged care options and determine which facility will be most suitable, but their expertise extends beyond this domain. From moving outlets to financial advisors, therapists, councilors and other interested parties who can perform their role, they will connect their client with the right people at the right time.


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