March 28, 2019

Busy Light, The Modern Do Not Disturb Sign

If you don’t want to be interrupted at work frequently, then you can rely on busy light to help you with the same. Well, if you have ever worked in an office then you will know that interruptions happen a lot. You have your colleagues coming up to you all the time hopping to have a chit chat with you. You might be busy doing some important work or talking to an important client. When you are busy trying to accomplish something in the office, you don’t want to be disturbed like that. It can be a huge nuisance for someone who is really serious about his or her work. But you don’t need to worry, there is a technology named busy light to tackle this problem head on. Busy light will help you fight distractions in the office space. And you will be focus completely on the task at hand.


We all have been there

  • If you have ever worked in the office, you will be quick to agree to the fact that you get interrupted a lot but you also end up interrupting others as well.
  • If you are able to let your colleagues know that you are busy doing something, then they will not bother to interrupt.
  • In order to tackle this problem, you can turn to busy light which is proven effective.
  • Busy light lets everyone in the office know about your status, whether you are busy doing some work or sitting idle. This will reduce interruptions a lot.
  • Busy light comes with light fixtures with a color scheme. And you can affix them on the desk. Or you can have them above the doorways or above cubicles.

How does busy light work?

Let’s see how busy light work. Busy light comes with an always-on light. It will flash red light when you are really busy doing some work. This will keep the interrupters at bay. And it will flash purple color if you don’t wish to be disturbed at all. Busy light will flash yellow color to show that you are unavailable or away. And when you are finally available, it will flash green. The design is such that your colleagues will be able to learn your status by taking a single look at the busy light.

The best thing about this technology there is no training required and it is really easy to set it up in the office. And it will also notify when you have incoming call. But this can be set manually by the user. This way, it is a really cool and useful technology. As a result, offices across the world have embraced this technology with both hands. Most importantly, they are process-less, noiseless and wordless. And it is really efficient to communicate with others in the team. If you have many in the office handling phone calls then this technology is a must have. Employees who use headsets get interrupted a lot. So they will appreciate it. In short, busy light comes with lot of benefits.

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